Louche Valentine´s Special at Chalet

von Rudolph Beuys

zwei der liebsten house-koryphaen deutschlands werden sich heute nacht im chalet wiedervereinigung. ob als dj team, produzentenduo oder freunde, achim aka PROSUMER und MURAT TEPELI haben schon einiges gemeinsam erlebt. so wird die heutige von Louche praesentierte nacht ein leckerbissen wuer alle die echte house-musik zu schaetzen wissen.

wir verlosen 3×1 gaestelistenplaetze via mail an win(ed)beatrausch.com mit dem betreff LOUCHE

Valentines is fittingly the date of the next Louche, as we welcome one of our most loved DJs Prosumer and his partner in crime Murat Tepeli.

London twice, Leeds twice, countless Louche Tent festival appearances. Now Prosumer gets to add a Louche Berlin cap to his cabinet. Riding high off the back of his acclaimed Fabric Mix, this ex Hard Wax employee and ex P Bar rezzie is finally coming to Chalet for the first time. 2015 saw the launch of Achim’s very first record label ‚Potion‘, co founded with tonight’s next guest, Murat Tepeli….

Murat and Prosumer’s professional relationship stretches back to their first collaboration in 2005. Fast Forward 10 years and they remain close friends, frequent touring companions and now, they share a record label too. Murat laid down the first release ‚Drop It Like It’s Hot‘ at the back end of last year to critical acclaim. Emotive and Jackin‘ House is, as you’d expect ,the path they have taken Potion down. The release adds to an impressive discog for Murat, who had also put 12s out on Philpot, Ostgut Ton, Playhouse and Ava in his time.

Support on the night comes from an avid record collector and producer that we’ve come across out here, Flavio Diners. Travelling from outside of Berlin; the forests of Thuringia in central Germany, Flavio is sure to pack a killer bag of wax for this.

And last but not least Brinsley will be up in room 2, over from London especially for the occasion, joined by Josh and Dylan.

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