ESCAPISM #6 at Arena Club

von Rudolph Beuys

Diesen Freitag findet die ESCAPISM Veranstaltungsreihe initiiert von Manuel Münster zum ersten Mal im Arena Club statt.

Wir verlosen 2×2 Gästelistenplätze (siehe unten)


Escapism is back with a line-up of high quality techno and a new location. For the 6th edition Escapism will reside at Arena Club.

All the way from Sweden we welcome Northern Electronic’s ACRONYM. He has been making a name for himself for quite some time already. With strong releases on Semantica and Field Records and his stunning „June“-album on Northern Electronics under his belt, we most certainly are in for a treat.

ALEXEY VOLKOV is Terrence Fixmer’s protégé and has released a couple of 12“s on his Planete Rogue-imprint, before he caught Svreca’s attention which eventually led to contributing a remix for the „Hagagatan Remixed“ EP. He has just released a well-received EP on Jealous God. Alexey will perform his first ever live-set in Germany at Escapism.

Hailing from Leipzig, BLACK NAKHUR is one of the people behind Pneuma-Dor. Pneuma-Dor combines a label, booking agency and a party promotion. His sets are driven by a strong momentum and he has already proved himself in the Berlin scene, having played most notably at Dystopian and Berghain.

Closing the night as always will be MANUEL MÜNSTER. With 6 years of experience and countless DJ-gigs in the city’s various clubs, Manuel specializes in driving, yet deep and emotional techno and proved to have a knack for extended DJ-Sets.

Wir verlosen 2×2 Gästelistenplätze via Mail an win(ed) mit dem Betreff ESCAPISM. Gewinner werden am Veranstaltungstag gegen 20 Uhr benachrichtigt, Rechtsweg is nich.

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