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von Rudolph Beuys

Heute startet die Oscillate Event-Reihe in das vierte Jahr ihres bestehen, und noch immer gilt es, etwas abseits des Mainstreams einen Einblick zu geben, was Techno, House und vor allem Electro momentan zu bieten hat. Ob alte Helden oder neue Talente, auf zwei Floors präsentiert die Crew ein Booking aus internationalen Größen und Berliner Underground HeldINNen.
Wir verlosen 2×2 Gästeliste:

Neben Kate Miller, die ihren ersten Berlin-Gig seit über vier Monaten spielt, gibt es nur KünstlerINNEN die bisher noch nie auf einer Oscillate-Party gespielt haben. Ob nun DMX KREW oder BAS MOOY die quasi beide Headliner der jeweiligen Floors sind und mit ihren Releases und Sets stilprägend für ihre Genre geworden sind oder Lola Luc und Jayda G, die beide auf dem Lobby Floor spielen werden und mit einem Stilmix aufwarten der sich an den unterschieldichsten Subgenres elektronischer Tanzmusik bedient.
Zu Bas Mooy auf den Techno-Floor gesellen sich außerdem der in Berlin residierende Jesse ABAYOMI und die aus Dänemark stammende ANASTASIA KRISTENSEN.
Rising from the underground scene of Berlin onto the radio waves, Berlin Community Radio show host, DJ and fashion designer Lola Luc has been on our radar for years. Lola recently captivated us further with her warm, distinct and groovy mixes for platforms such as STAY, XXY and Nous Disques. After years of experience on her regular radio show interviewing and playing alongside musical connoisseurs, Lola confidently blends a combination of house, disco, funk, dub, wave and more. This genre-defying talent is sure to surprise and entice at the next Oscillate.Oscillate resident Kate Miller returns to Berlin after a 4 month stint in her home country Australia where she played an array of festivals and clubs including Cool Room and Sugar Mountain. Gathering inspiration from the island Kate is ready to begin 2017 with a bag of fresh records and celebrate her return with the first Oscillate of the year. Known for her diversified style, we are eager to hear one of her powerful and dynamic closing-sets.Canadian producer and DJ Jayda G has been moving between Vancouver and Berlin for years, more recently taking her unique dance floor captivation worldwide through regular touring. Her first production was released through Australian label; Butter Sessions in 2015, and since then she has gone on to put out a number of releases with various labels, 1080p, Geography and the debut 12” “NYC Party Track” on her own label Freakout Cult. The label, where she released her first solo EP “Jaydaisms” in 2016, is co-produced with Sex Tags Mania co-founder Dj Fett Burger, and was born from their collaborative club night under the same name, in Vancouver. Most recently Jayda’s track “Sestra’s Cry” was featured on the Allergy Season and Discwoman protest compilation “Physically Sick” alongside artists such as DJ Stingray, Rroxymore, UMFANG and others. However, it’s her DJ sets that have us most excited about inviting her to Oscillate. Seamlessly mixing various vibes, from disco and rnb to house, electronica and everything in between, with her trademark up-lifting energy and infectious positivity transcending genre boundaries. Jayda radiates fun, finesse and professionalism, you can be assured a dance floor experience reflecting her sincerity, so get comfortable and know that you are in the best of hands.Ed Upton is a highly skilled, passionate, prolific producer and performer with an extensive career spanning over the last 20-plus years. The British producer has released 6 full albums on Aphex Twin's label Rephlex Records and numerous EPs on his own imprint Breakin' Records, as well as Central Processing Unit, Abstract Forms and more. Ed has also released countless EPs under various aliases such as Asylum Seekers, 101 Force, Bass Potato and EDMX to name a few. Upton’s sounds span several genres including early electro-pop/breakbeat, synth pop, acid, house, rave and even italo disco. Naming himself after the Oberheim DMX drum computer, this absolute nerd is sure to impress and inspire with his live, machine-driven, synth-streaked set at the next Oscillate. Stemming from Rotterdam, MORD label-head and prolific producer of the darkest variety, Bas Mooy has been an active member of the techno world since the 90s. Setting the tone for quality dark techno with regular output on his label from esteemed artists such as D. Carbone, Oscar Mulero (oficial), Stanislav Tolkachev, Clouds and more. He has also been working hard in the studio developing his own sound into the especially industrial, hard, raw and macabre signature he is known for today, releasing music on respected labels such as Mote Evolver, Perc Trax, CLR, Sleaze Records, Planet Rhythm and of course his own imprints Audio Assault and Mord. Taking inspiration from the landscape of the grey, factory-filled, harbour city he grew up in, Mooy has gone on to shock and awe audiences around the globe with his relentlessly heavy DJ sets and uncompromising productions. We are eager to hear what he has in store for us at the next Oscillate. Copenhagen-based DJ and producer Anastasia Kristensen reliably and confidently takes her audiences on a trip with her mind-bending and versatile mixes, fusing the dark and light, the euphoric and the heavy with decisive skill developed after years of experience behind the decks at acclaimed nightclubs such as Culturebox in Denmark, Tresor in Berlin and Bossa Nova in New York. Her multi-coloured, spaced-out releases on labels such as Nous Disques and Monasterio take influence from early techno, detroit and club-scenes around the world. We’re elated to catch her just in time for Oscillate after a comprehensive tour of the US and Canada. We are thrilled to invite the unique, rising talent Abayomi for the very first time to Oscillate. After following this man’s powerful, dance-floor oriented productions, on Superb Recordings, RYC, and his own imprint, Abayomi, as well as catching his forward-thinking DJ sets at Reclaim Your City events and most recently his debut Berghain appearance, we chased him down to join us at ://about blank for the next instalment of Oscillate. The Nigerian/London born, Berlin resident is sure to deliver a most satisfying and energetic performance, uniting elements of deep, raw Detroit techno, dirty Chicago house and edgy UK bass. Abayomi restlessly seeks new sonic horizons and invites us along for the ride. Keep your ears primed for his latest release, Chiron, out now on his label: Abayomi.

Wir verlosen 2×2 Gästeliste via mail an win(ed)beatrausch.com mit dem Betreff MYBODY

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