von Rudolph Beuys

I hope you are well rested and ready to go for this insane marathon of top notch events. the closer we get to new years you will ask yourself when will this end. i mean, this is berlin, it actually never ends.

but as we have to start somewhere, you might try today. and don’t get distracted by all the other big events and line up lists that are trying to seduce you, stay focus.

we are dropping some guestlist for ://about blank tonight.

the DRUFFALO HIT SQUAD is having its 2 year anniversary today of hosting events at paloma, so basically the start of the peak that this event series is having at the moment. on two floors there will be disco and soul all night long. and as the paloma bar is reconstructed, there is plenty of space now to dance and drink and laugh and cry.


ATA is playing a pre NYE gig at kater blau tonight, deffo one of germanys best kept secrets and a true visionist of this thing we call club culture.


at ://about blank it is ELEMENTS tonight, a crew that dragged themselves into techno and never felt so free. pure underground vibes with a lot of local artists spreading their own vision of this thing we call techno.

we are dropping 2×2 guestlist via mail to win(ed) if you can nam ethe DJ who is playing before FILIZ.


at griessmuehle it is the ANTIDOTE crew bringing us legends DJ DEEON and PAUL JOHNSON, so true legends, like for real, no stupid ibiza tech house bigroom bullshit, these guys are around for some time and are trustholders of the real thing.

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