von Rudolph Beuys

again we have ://about blank and griessmuehle with two of the best parties of the day.

SLAVE TO THE RAVE will happen at griessmuehle and is a lil worship for the oldschool days and about full on techno/acid/electro with the likes of CHARLTON of MORD, ANSOME of Perc Trax and PABLO MATEO who recently joined the grounded theory family and MDR as well. we are giving away 2×2 Guestlist spots for tonight via mail to win(ed) with the subject ‚S2TR‘


at blank it is the hyped ROOM4RESISTANCE which is about building safe spaces for woman and PoC, trying to support lgbtq-acts and giving them a stage. always with a great love for the detail meaning the decoration which underlines the vibe. but the flyer says it all:


arenaclub is back on the map as well, lucky us the HYTE crew left the location to melk the cash cow somewhere else, so there is place for some of berlins famous party crew turned label DYSTOPIAN. although other techno-promoters left the location, DYSTOPIAN is holding on to their roots and is hosting a line up with such great newcomers like TIJANA T, MIRELLA KROES and the regulars RON ALBRECHT of Schwerins famous Gerberei and DON WILLIAMS of Mojuba.

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BERLIN BASS COLLECTIVE is mostly about disco and house, so don’t let the name get your expectations in any other direction. with ZOLA and CHARLIE SMOOTH they are hosting two of berlins finest selectors. Charlie just started his own label SMOOTH OPERATORS with the help of the BBC and ZOLA is playing more and more venues to show off her disco inspired house journeys. so if you are up for some soulful tunes friday night, you should visit the rooftop venue klunkerkranich from 6pm on.

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at ipse you have RIOT#10 – extended edition, this time the party will last until late saturday evening. the gay party is open for all sexes and is always surpising with a top notch international booking. for this new years edition they invited a lot of friends, djs and promoters of other parties, so you have a glimpse of the berlin gay scene with COCKTAIL D’AMORE, BUTTONS, SAME BITCHES and MESS.

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