von Rudolph Beuys

ok, let s be honest. every f***ing club will be totally packed, there will be lines everywhere, best is just to stay home, and go out the next day/morning – no shit.

we put together quite some selection of our fav events tomorrow night and also offer guestlist for ://about blank and arena club:

but(!) if you need to go out, try to check out the small venues, with not to big line ups, these mostly have the best parties and vibe. f.e. Loftus Hall with our pals SIGGATUNEZ, JAN KETEL and of course ZOLA.


BERLIN COMMUNITY RADIO is hosting an event at VOLKSBÜHNE  which is looking like the best option.


unfortunately the weeeirdos rave got cancelled due to location trouble : (


as sHYTE left the arena areal for better, we are quite pleased with the new NYE event and it s line up in this venue, as it is not the regular deep house who is who of technohausen.
THROUGH MY SPEAKERS are co-hosting this event and bringing LE FEU, NGHT DRPS and SOULMIND to the booth. also our most favourite man and dj about town is playing, no it s not OPIUM HUM, but he is playing as well:
REZNIK of beatrausch fame and keinemusik reliance is stepping in the spot like…, I dont know, but he is just the nicest guy with such understatement. if there is one dj to name who is giving the music all attention and keeping his personality behind the decks and between the headphones it is him. always a pleasure following his sets as they mostly feel like a journey. REZNIK is a music journalists and it often feels like he is trying to teach us and draws conclusion within his sets you would never come up with.

we are giving away 2×2 guestlist via mail to win(ed) with the subject NO SHYTE


so, and here the three top notch events of berlin nye:

GRIESSMÜHLE: Dasha Rush, Milton Bradley, Shlømo, Stanislav Tolkachev, Benjamin Damage, Spencer Parker, DjRUM, Leibniz, DJ Fett Burger, Mr. Ties, Murat Tepeli
3 FLoors; 25 EUR

TRESOR: DJ Stingray, Helena Hauff, Silent Servant, Mike Servito, Delta Funktionen, Derek Plaslaiko
4 Floors; 35 €

Adriana Lopez (grey report | modularz)
Alex.Do (dystopian)
Akmê (://about blank)
Caleb ESC (staub | mikrodisko)
Carlos de Brito (groove)
Charlotte Bendiks (cómeme)
Christian S. (kann | cómeme)
DJ team instabil (dave lombardo)
DJ Xing (://about blank)
Eluize (night tide audio)
Hang Aoki (prozac)
I/Y (live) (staub)
Iron Curtis (office | Achterbahn D’Amour)
Jessamine b2b Barbara Hofmann (://about blank)
Kennedy (bar rotterdam)
Kwaint b2b Stigmer (poly|motion | valian kollektiv)
Luz (room 4 resistance)
Miss.Rottenmeier (rattenbar)
Montsignore Blankflank (://about alm-öhi)
Murat Önen (objekt klein a)
Olivia Mendez (particules)
Perm (live) (institut fuer zukunft)
Resom (://about blank)
Samuel Gieben (love on the rocks | riot)
Stephanie Sykes (vent | full panda)
∞ Floors; 4×1 guestlist via mail to win(ed) with subject MONTBLANK.

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