von Rudolph Beuys

although berghain is already starting today to host the biggest event this weekend might have to offer, you should not get distracted and line up for too long if you could be dancing somewhere else.

LEGOWELT is playing for KILLEKILL at ://about blank (yap, again this club) and at griessmuehle (jap, this too) you will have SAN PROPER and ROY DAVIS JR. so actually there is nothing else to say…
ok, wait, MEMBERS is taking place at hoppetosse, the gayvent is having our dear friend MANUEL MÜNSTER playing some tunes.

but this saturday offers two special gems. two of the most famous oldschool raves are taking place the same day. and when i say oldschool, i mean early 90s techno at its best, german style. if you wanna get an idea of what berlin sounded like 25 years ago you should deffo check out TEKKNOZID at Festsaal and BACK TO BASICS at Club Ost.

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