saint george friday – vibes for 2018

von Rudolph Beuys

friday night at st georg is always about the own crew and fam. despite the new rap (trap) approach the st georg booking team is putting the focus on global culture and oldschool, too.

pic by sina lesnik

we are giving away 2×2 guestlist

this friday they invited CHLOEDEES who already played the bassgang nye party at paloma bar. CHLOEDEES is hosting her own radio show on balamii radio and offers a monthly glimpse of her musical cosmos. beside new tracks by friends like shy one, patrick scally or jon bap she also manages to fit in classics by f.e. common and tops that with björk, jamiroquai or even slipknot.

representing the local fam is going to be STINHOW of intomyears fame. with remixes and edits of bassheavy newrap legends like drake, offset and bryson tiller he is driving the dancefloors and blogosphere crazy. but it is not all about that bass, despite faking the us-heads he is sometimes adding a sense of jazzy vibes into his productions (f.e. that ufo361 X 21savage mash up) and even touches the greatness of aaliyah and stormzy to add his own definition of bass music. with his 19 years and only 1,5 years on the map, we can be blessed to start following his career already.

deadHYPE is not easy to catch, beside hosting radioshows and livestreams, setting up visuals and graphics the project is also into advertisment and consulting on a global base. the radio show on berlin community radio is one of the freshest the station has to offer and with guesthosts from all over the world, deadHYPE is the future and past of webradio all in one. which leads us to the here and now. next month the crew is popping up their own radio station with six residents and 2 shows reserved for guests. be prepared for a new way of experiencing music online cause the visual approach of deadHYPE has always been an equal force besides the music. head honcho bernard will bring some tunes this friday night to st georg.


new to the fam is VAIPER DESPOTIN who jus moved to berlin straight from lithunia. VAIPER is one of the main forces behind the party scene in his home town and established a solid imprint with his Despotin events and crew.

we are dropping 2×2 guestlist spots for all of you sending a mail to win(ed) with the subject VIBES

Ritterstraße 26
10969 Berlin

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