LIIMA at Festsaal Kreuzberg

von Rudolph Beuys

this wednesday the three danish lads and their finish drumming friend that formed the band LIIMA are playing their first official berlin show for their second record ‚1982‘.

we are honoured to give away 2×1 guestlist spots for you guys.

just tell us for which band they supported at Huxleys Neue Welt already presenting the new material in advance to the album release. just send us an email to win(ed) with the requested band as subject.

last week LIIMA released the track ‚ALWAYS‚ on their youtube channel, the song might sound familiar but is not found in the tracklist of the record, as it is the (not anymore) hidden track of ‚1982‘. it is the fourth single after title-track 1982 released in advance to the record, last months ‚Life is dangerous‚ with a performance video and dreamy ‚2-hearted‘.

even though they were just supporting that other band at huxleys, LIIMA are always making sure to set their own vibe/tone to an event and it felt like an actual show. I am really looking forward to their gig on wednesday, and you should to.

as support act we will witness the new project of sizarr singer Fabian Altstötter that goes by the name JUNGSTÖTTER.

doors open at 7pm and start is 8pm.
Festsaal Kreuzberg is located towards Club der Visionäre in front of the Arena-areal.

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