TEKLIFE Berlin at Gretchen

von Rudolph Beuys

this edition of the chicago crew’s berlin outlet is one for the historybooks.
this friday the TEKLIFE crew is presenting its wide range at berlins gretchen club near mehringdamm.

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we are dropping 2×2 spots on the guestlist.

beside the clubs resident SOULMIND, who is representing the teklife style for quite some time now and created his own crew with the throughmyspeakers posse focussing on the berlin bass scene, joining him will be DTM FUNK of the berlin based We Boogie crew as well as BAMBII who just played at berlins latest bass and trap cave St.Georg last week.

for the topbilling we are looking forward to performances by chicagos very own DJ PAYPAL and TRAXMAN.
with this two acts we are about to witness some history lesson as we have DJ PAYPAL representing the latest wave of chicago footwork producers that used the internet to rise through several hypes and draw a crowd with several podcasts and remixes and a quite 90s meets cyber-aesthetic.

(foto) is been around a while, with releases on labels like rawax, chiwax, dance mania and many more he is part of chicagos ghetto house awakening and the ressurection of the scene through juke and footwork. this guy is a f’ing legend and one of the illest djs the city of chicago has to offer. his genre bending sets and sample infused edits are an eargasm to every basslovers.
last year he released his latest album via teklife ‚tekvision.

we are happy to give away 2×2 guestlist spot for this special event. just send an email to win(ed)beatrausch.com with the founder of teklife (rip) as subject.
competition ends 8pm.

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