Cables of Love – an audiovisual intervention

von Rudolph Beuys

ok, just found this on RA and it sounds like the best event ever, really ambitious folks behind the scenes bringing together a quite diverse range of artists and musicians. more info via Humboldthain

Cables of Love
A live modular party.

Performances by: Aporia::Atopia hiT͟Hərˈto͞o – Oliver Torr – Hainbach (0pal Tapes) – Terekke (L.I.E.S.) – _Coast^ – KODEKAA..LLHRTLAtoV

Live Visuals by: Luma //Chroma – Fresca – Orca

cables of love poster feb 18

From subtle minimal and classic Techno, House & Acid, roaring noise and gently massaging subs to laser light shows & live visual projections of sound, Cables Of

Love with the Humboldthain bring together a diverse range of local, pan-European and international talent for

an extravaganza of ear-pleasing and booty shaking pleasure.

Modular music for your body and soul.

2 Stages: Party downstairs/Experimental Upstairs

Sound generation and visual production are built on deeply interconnected layers resulting in an unique and mesmerizing experience. The relationship between the audio and the video – while being perceivable – is not immediately obvious, creating tension throughout the performance.

Immerse youself, as you would gazing at the waves crashing down on the sand trying

to understand how each of them shape the coast line.

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