HOW SOON IS NOW – 11 years of beatrausch

von Rudolph Beuys

after what happened at last years 10th anniversary I was not sure if there should be another birthday party for this thing we call beatrausch. for me, it was just not getting any better. we had SOUND STREAM playing a rare outside berghain appearance, one of our all time fav CUTHEAD, bass heavy sounds by long time collaborator PHON.O and many more, there is no reason to pick out just one highlight, the event itself was just perfect.

but why just try to be better, if it just can stay the same as it was already perfect to me.

so instead of trying to upgrade the 1oth to the 11th anniversary, I just made a 2.0 version of it.

as ://about blank is a huge influence in what I am doing, I was clearly honored when they ask me to do another birthday event there, before that, I was not even thinking about doing another party.
to return that honor, I tried to build a line-up perfectly suited for the venue.

an ambient set during the night in the tent by long time friend BASCO and blog homie from ashore, that turns into an after hour party hosted by my dear friend and soon to be husband REZNIK (;).
REZNIK invited his homeboy GOOD GUY MIKESH to represent their new project NO WORK ALL PLAY for an extended morning journey in the tent with sunlight bursting through the windows and the warmth and coziness of the night breaking apart setting the perfect vibe.

but let’s not think about the ending when there is so much more to discover.
– I asked RESOM to play a peak time extended set
LUX. will warm up for her and both are transitioning with a b2b, LUX. just killed everyone at last years NACHTDIGITAL when she played the first house track of the weekend on saturday morning
– to close the lobby I invited one of deep house biggest dreamer LAWRENCE – is there still anyone out there who i snot awre of the greatness of this man, I don’t think so

SARAH FARINA is one of the DJs I can’t get tired of, she will open the MDF with a lot of RAINBOW-BASS
– back in highschool (20 yrs ago) I discovered a band that completely blew my mind, it was always a dream of me to meet them, so I tried to book them for a DJ set for the beatrausch birthday. lucky me ANDI TOMA of MOUSE ON MARS said yes and will be part of tonights line-up, although they are super busy mice at the moment as their new record comes out in two weeks
CREDIT 00 is one of the producers I just buy every release without listening, it is never a disappointment and always super fresh. was I happy when he agreed to join in
– for the closing of the MDF floor it will be NATASCHA KANN, I am honest, I booked both of my favourite Blank Residents and got super lucky they said yes as both of them played their last shows at ://about blank in january and tomorrow it is Blank Generation. ‚TASCHI‘ is just the perfect DJ her private guilty pleasure for 90s/early  00s rnb probably tied us together more than she is aware of it. but her closing sets can be a hurricane of acid electro techno and of course house, she doesn’t care for boundaries, and that’s what this line-up is trying to prove.
I don’t want this boring berlin conformity with one house and one techno floor, I want bass, uk garage, disco and everything in between. so if you with me on that, join in for one special night at ://about blank and let go into the BEATRAUSCHhow soon is now.

all the flyers and artwork and timetable by CHEZ PAWEL
guestlist via RR – tickets via RA – karma via FB
and much much love to drift-ashorebln.fmexberlinerask helmutthe ransom note

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