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HOW SOON IS NOW – 11 years of beatrausch

von Rudolph Beuys

after what happened at last years 10th anniversary I was not sure if there should be another birthday party for this thing we call beatrausch. for me, it was just not getting any better. we had SOUND STREAM playing a rare outside berghain appearance, one of our all time fav CUTHEAD, bass heavy sounds by long time collaborator PHON.O and many more, there is no reason to pick out just one highlight, the event itself was just perfect.

but why just try to be better, if it just can stay the same as it was already perfect to me.

so instead of trying to upgrade the 1oth to the 11th anniversary, I just made a 2.0 version of it.

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mit jack ins wochendende – Hijackin‘ #11

von beatoerend

es ist mal wieder soweit. freitag nacht können wir endlich wieder auf einer der besten veranstaltungsreihe in der stadt den jack fröhnen. HIJACKIN‘ geht in die elfte runde und läd in ihre stammlocation ritter butzke.

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