Imad x Mayonnaise present: Not Gonna Lie Tho

von Rudolph Beuys

this just got in, tomorrow big happening and we are giving away some guestlist!!!

I gotta be quick here because I have a bus to catch v soon but let me give you the general idea. Indoor Music & Drinks and Mayonnaise are on the same team to put together a nice and fun party at that new place Fitzroy next to Marie Antoinette. Music will be of a danceable variety, the mood will be a good one and the activities will be pleasurable.
Imagine for a second that you didn’t get to go to Ibiza this summer, you’d want a high energy dance party with a fake palm tree next to spree I imagine? look no further.

gaining a lot of attention also outside of the drag- and queer scene of Berlin. Originally from Sydney. She’ll play an uplifting DJ Set with lots of unheard surprises from her vinyl collection.

you might know her already from Boiler Room.. She has this wonderful 808 sound with punching Hi-Hats and four-to-the-floor Arpeggiators. You’ll hear a DJ Set with that kind of touch.

Ken Chic
will release his EP tomorrow and is Mariah’s biggest fan. His style is excitingly fresh in a way Palmbomen II would love it.

CV Vision
very thrilling new live act with lots of vintage analogue synthesizers from the band Odd Couple.

No Drama doesn’t even have facebook, so no details on that.

Also playing rising DJ and producer Panthella – Acid House/Electro/Old School material.

club: new club at Spree (Fitzroy). first party ever (v underground)

for guestlist write a mail to win(ed) with the subject of your fav mayonaise brand. good luck

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