Headroom with Efdemin, Ray Kajioka (Live), Maral Salmassi

von Rudolph Beuys

Line-up /

Efdemin (Naïf | Dial)
Ray Kajioka (live) (Kanzleramt | Parabel)
Maral Salmassi (Konsequent)
Phonatic (Headroom)
Jay Quentin (Headroom)

We are giving away 2×2 guestlist, for more infos see below.

We went out in search for the good life and all we got is this lousy greyscale dystopia. Europe and especially Berlin’s techno scene these days mainly focuses on the dark and brutalist aesthetics that take their cues from the mechanical and cold machine workouts of EBM and Industrial music. The other strain of techno, one that draws on the warm and stripped down funk of Detroit – the cousin of house – is given little attention on today’s dancefloors .
HEADROOM works on reuniting the Berlin’s techno sound with the organic feel and dreaminess of its Motor City origins. The Berlin-based event series invites like-minded artists from all over the techno spectrum and it’s adjacent genres to celebrate the past, the now and the futures to come. At the intersection of Berlin’s vibrant inner city and the peaceful suburbia surrounding it, Headroom takes its audience eight stories high because elevating is what it’s all about.

■ special light installation by PRSMC

■ 4-point Funktion One audio system provided by Sweet Audio Berlin


Efdemin (Naïf | Dial)
Efdemin has more musical interests than other DJs, producers and musicians could cram into a lifetime of activity. Having just released his groundbreaking »Naïf« mix CD on Curle with a slew of exclusive tracks fresh out of his own studio as well as an experimental album with John Gürtler on Hamburg’s Sky Walking label, the Dial affiliate shows no sign of stopping. Philipp Sollmann’s DJing is both raw and uncompromising, always aiming to tell a story bigger than the sum of its parts.

Ray Kajioka – Live (Kanlzeramt | Parabel)
Kanzleramt mainstay Ray Kajioka started producing when he was a mere 15 years old and debuted at the turn of the century with a slew of releases that effortlessly blended the early and second wave Detroit sound with Berlin’s techno present. With the release of the triple LP »Consistency« in 2016, Kajioka perfected his blend of joyful-yet-banging late-night techno and will present one of his rare live sets at Headroom.

Maral Salmassi (Konsequent)
After she had honoured the late Christian Morgenstern with an extensive reissue of his work and a comprehensive remix bundle in 2017, Konsequent label founder Maral Salmassi has finally returned to her techno roots after an extended break that saw her focusing on her Kali project. With »Coils«, she released her first material under her proper name in six years together with d_func. and took up DJing more regularly as. Two decades after she first made a name for herself in the scene, she is again dedicated to pushing the envelope.

Text by Kristoffer Cornils


The Location is very close to S+U Hermannstrasse. From there you can walk (about 15 min.), go by bike (10 min.) or take the Bus 277.


We are giving away 2×2 guestlist spots via mail to win(ed)beatrausch.com with the name of efdemins latest album in the subject.

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