strictly mensch into deep trouble

von klexxelk

This Friday strictly mensch enters its last round before taking a summer break. They invited again the deep Trouble Crew and Conforce from dutch heavyweights Delsin & Clone Records.


we are giving away 2×2 spots on the guestlists



acht cola acht blank – ://about blank 8th Birthday

von Rudolph Beuys

Bild könnte enthalten: Wolken und TextThere’s a place in your heart
And I know that it is love
And this place could be much
Brighter than tomorrow
And if you really try
You’ll find there’s no need to cry
In this place you’ll feel
There’s no hurt or sorrow
There are ways to get there
If you care enough for the living
Make a little space
Make a better place

we are giving away 2×2 tickets for the 8th anniversary celebrations at ://about blank this weekend. Weiterlesen


Acid Arab (live) & Frinda di Lanco im Gretchen

von Sascha

Anfangs war nur eine Partyreihe geplant, inzwischen ist Acid Arab zu einem der wichtigsten Projekte an der Schnittstelle zwischen westlicher Clubsounds und arabischer Musik geworden. Doch die beiden französischen DJs Hervé Carvalho und Guido Minisky sind nicht nur seit Jahren als DJs in der Clubszene von Paris und darüber hinaus aktiv, sondern veröffentlichten inzwischen auch eigene Tracks auf Labels wie Versatile oder Crammed Discs – wo vor zwei Jahren auch ihr Debütalbum Musique de France erschien.


Wir verlosen 2×2 Gästeliste für Acid Arab (Live) am Freitag im Gretchen. Weiterlesen


Deep Fried 42 @ about blank

von Rudolph Beuys

Deep Fried geht nach einem kurzen Winterschlaf in die Frühjahrsedition, ausnahmsweise mal an einem Samstag!
Wir verlosen 2×2 Gästeliste. Weiterlesen


HOW SOON IS NOW – 11 years of beatrausch

von Rudolph Beuys

after what happened at last years 10th anniversary I was not sure if there should be another birthday party for this thing we call beatrausch. for me, it was just not getting any better. we had SOUND STREAM playing a rare outside berghain appearance, one of our all time fav CUTHEAD, bass heavy sounds by long time collaborator PHON.O and many more, there is no reason to pick out just one highlight, the event itself was just perfect.

but why just try to be better, if it just can stay the same as it was already perfect to me.

so instead of trying to upgrade the 1oth to the 11th anniversary, I just made a 2.0 version of it. Weiterlesen


Trettmanns langer Kifferatem

von Martin Esse



ransom note berlin takeover

von Rudolph Beuys

I came across the ransom note quite some time ago, it is exactly what I had in mind when i started this blog.
it is not only a great information output for the electronic music scene, nowadays it evolved into a record label, too. Weiterlesen


HAIYTI – last stop to Hamburg

von Martin Esse

Bild könnte enthalten: 1 Person, Text und Innenbereich



Slave To The Rave at Griessmühle

von Rudolph Beuys

SLAVE TO THE RAVE arrived in 2018.

Bildergebnis für griessmühle



Klangbiotop X Acrylic at ://about blank

von Rudolph Beuys

Tonight the Klangbiotop is hosting three floors and a toilet at ://about blank with Techno, Drum and Bass, Hip Hop and Tapeart.

We are giving away 2×2 guestlist. Weiterlesen